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US Coast Guard Certified Type III Marine Sanitation Device

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Detailed Instructons for Installation and Use

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Nature's Head is the best solution for the difficult problem of marine or RV sanitation. It's also ideal for small cottages or a guest room. You eliminate the costly, complex, space consuming and inconvenient holding tank/ septic system. Never again will you have to search for a pump out station. The Nature's Head is easy to install, use and maintain. There is no odor. It holds about 60-80 "uses" - which could easily last two people the entire summer without emptying. The end result is organic compost - not raw sewage.

Please check out this excellent video, which explains the Nature's Head in detail:

Molded seat is built in - one less thing to break.

Easy clean


Never needs replacement

Urine separation

No odor

High capacity

Easy empty


All marine grade stainless steel fittings

5 year warranty!

Nature's Head composting toilet

What to do with the (ahem) "material"? There are several options, depending on your situation - all vastly superior to storing stinky, hazardous, raw sewage in a holding tank and frequently looking for pumpout stations.

  1. Remove the top of the toilet, then place a compostable plastic bag over the toilet base. Invert the base, dumping the contents into the plastic bag (this all takes about 2 minutes). Put the compostable plastic bag into another container - possibly a plastic pail with vent holes, or a composting bin. If new material was recently added you can cover everything with a layer of sawdust or other organic matter. Let it sit until fully composted - this will vary with temperature but is often about 12 weeks. Don't worry, it won't stink. It is then safe to put on flower beds (just to be 100% safe, don't put it on veggies).

    The contents of the solid waste tank may be safely placed into a conventional dumpster if it has been allowed to compost fully and is bagged and sealed. Or...

  2. Boaters may dispose of the the material legally, offshore - as you would with a regular marine head with overboard flushing. Laws vary widely. Obey the law and use common sense where laws are not strict.

  3. Urine is sterile and does not pose a health risk. Empty the urine bottle wherever you would legally take a pee.

Let's face it - holding tanks usually stink! Ask anyone who has slept in a bunk over a holding tank.

Shown above with standard handle. "Spider" handle can be specified instead of standard handle (at no additional cost) to save 3" of space. See drawings below.

Compact Design

Nature's Head dimensions

Entirely self-contained. No plumbing, no thru hulls, no holding tanks, no stinky sewage hoses.

Fits almost anywhere a standard marine head or porta-potti would fit (measure tight installations before ordering please).

Easy, do-it-yourself installation - or it can quickly be installed by a professional at minimal cost.

Gain a huge storage space when you remove your old holding tank!

Supplied Parts

Five foot hose

Ceiling or wall hose adapter

Fan (built in) and 12 volt cable

Two L brackets with knobs for installation

Agitator crank

Instruction booklet

2.2 gallon urine bottle

Nature's Head supplied parts


If the unit is mounted against a wall, allow 2 inches for the top to pivot for removal of the bottle and the top.
Nature's Head opening

Detailed Installation Instructions

The electric receptacle for the 12 volt or AC adapter is conveniently located on the top right of the fan housing.

There is minimal current draw. Power-free installation is possible with the optional solar vent.

The vent hose is attached to the fan side.

Nature's Head fan


Elongated molded seat

Easy cleaning



Urine separating, even when trap door is open

Males may either sit or stand

After use agitator-crank is turned two or three times.

Nature's Head top  view


The urine bottle holds 2.2 gallons.

To empty, simply flip the two latches on the sides and lift the upper section up a few inches.

Put the lid on the liquid bottle and lift it out of its holder.

Nature's Head urine bottle


The solids bin will accommodate 60-80 uses depending on the composting time.

Approximately 2 gallons of peat moss (or coconut fiber) is used, to fill to 2” below the agitator.

Peat moss is moistened with water before adding.

Peat moss can be purchased inexpensively in small, compacted "bricks" for easy stowage.

Nature's head peat moss[


A regular kitchen trash bag fits the base.

Just invert. After dumping, add new peat moss.

No need to clean as anything left helps to start the composting process more quickly.


Nature's Head emptying

Detailed Installation Instructons

Thanks again for being so prompt, skilled, and courteous in handling this order, Richard. Our society certainly would benefit from more folks like you. Much appreciated!


I love it!! Thank you for coming up with this design. My husband and I have crawled all over the web looking for something just like this and it's actually affordable (when compared to toilets made by SunMar and similar companies). It frees up space where the black water tank would go.

Bree Gray-Eskue

Hi, just a short note to tell you how easy it was to install our Nature's Head. I bought two units and put one in while a cruising neighbor watched. He actually talked me into selling him one of my units and installed it in his boat. They work great! I'll reorder a second one in a bit, I'm redoing my 12 volt system as part of a refit before taking a 3 year extended cruise around the world. I'll continue to spread the word.

Michael Garfield, aboard "Flexible2"

The Nature's Head has worked great! I have a 30' Pearson sailboat. The holding tank was way too small and took up room in what would have been a wet locker. It always smelled. It is illegal to pump over board and the pump out stations were not functioning most of the time . With four people on a 3 day weekend the holding tank would soon be overflowing. I looked at replacing the holding tank for a larger size but that reduced space further. I then started looking at composting toilets. The short answer is the first season in Maine the toilet worked like a charm. It doesn't smell. It was simple to install and I was able to use the composting portion for the whole season with about every weekend use and a week family vacation with at one weekend 7 people on board! Urine disposal is quick and easy. It fits great in a cloth grocery bag and you simply dump it at the marina toilet. The only addition I am going to make is add an extra urine tank as we moor at islands that do not have marinas. The product works like a charm and I don't have to worry about what my kids are swimming in.

Dr. David Kerr, Maine

Finally - a true marine sanitation system designed by boaters for boaters! Also ideal for RVs and cottages.

call toll free at 1 888 361 0014 - or email

Nature's Head composting toilet

Made in the USA (not China!) by fairly treated and well-paid employees

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